Writing 15.06.2019: The day this radio station started broadcasting!

Radio1506 started as a local activity and because of the number people listening to our station we rapidly needed to move our station to Torontocast. As part of this move, ownership needed to change, making we are now running Radio1506 for Torontocast.

We only want to serve you with the best music in the best quality.
Why do we want to do that?

Because this radio station is being run by radio freaks who would give their lifes for making radio programs. These days, the world has become so tiny because of all new technologies and options we all can use.

Making radio programs and broadcasting do make us come a little bit closer, although we might not know each other and maybe we never will meet.

Next to the social aspect, we also have a goal to offer people in North America our mother language, Dutch. It really is a difficult language and people living in these regions (yes, we also have family living there) are asking us some real Flemish or Dutch speaking programs. Not the kind of Dutch official radio stations are broadcasting, but the programs made in the 80’s, where Radio Veronica, Radio Antwerpen and Radio MiAmigo are the most iconic examples.

Making radio and legally supporting artists is our duty.

Hosted by Torontocast and broadcasting from Thunder Bay, Ontario, we are fullfilling our copyright and royalty duties by SOCAN, keeping in mind Radio1506 is a non commercial station. We are not paying DJ’s for making programs, or having any income from our broadcast activities.

TorontoCast, and the programs it hosts, are fully licensed by The Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada, known simply as SOCAN. Torontocast is responsible for all legal, financial and technical aspects of its broadcast services under its agreements with SOCAN

For all services we pay a monthly fee to TorontoCast to help cover licensing and royalty payments to SOCAN.

SOCAN has deals with all the major rights organizations in the world, so our stream is legal and artists and composers are compensated, even if the artists aren’t Canadian.

From the SOCAN website:
A SOCAN licence gives you permission to use copyright-protected musical works from anywhere around the world. Through agreements with international performing rights organizations, SOCAN issues licences for all music used in public by businesses in Canada, no matter to which society the creators belong. SOCAN then transfers the corresponding monies to the appropriate society, and vice versa.

More information about licensing can be found at Torontocast and SOCAN.

Enjoy our programs and creativity

Radio1506 is a radio station for the Love of Radio.
And we hope this can lighten up other people in times of distress.

We never want to insult any human being or start any discriminating action or discussion. Therefor we only broadcast neutral radio programs and music. If any infraction of any kind reagrding the above statement is discovered during our broadcasts or at any blog or forum where Radio1506 is having responsibility, Radio1506 will act accordingly by removing posts or immediately cut infracting broadcasts.

Take care of your beloved ones and enjoy our programs,

The Radio1506 Team